Photographs taken at Rustic, Colorado, where THE GHOST IN THE WOOD is set.
Photos by Marianne Mitchell and "Aunt Sara."

Zeke, Robbyn and Dad stay here.

The potbellied stove.

Robbyn's swing.

Horses grazing in the meadow.

The river and the cottonwoods.

The creepy old garage.

The trout sign at Rustic.

Photographs taken in and around Silver Plume, Colorado, where A PROMISE MADE is set.

         Train going over the High Bridge at Devil's Gate.

  Silver Plume train depot, designed after the original one.

                             Main Street today.

                 A house with "snickarglädje" trim.

       Silver Plume before the fire of Nov. 5, 1884.

Silver Plume after the fire.
Before and after fire photos courtesy of Denver Public Library,
Western History Collection, Thomas J. Noel Collection. # X-2190 and # X-2130

Silver Plume viewed from the same spot today.

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